This tennis ladder has been introduced to provide lady members with an opportunity to meet new players and play competitive yet friendly games of tennis over a specified period. Each player must provide a telephone number and where possible, an email address where she can be reached for setting dates for matches.


It is likely to take a little while for sensible rankings on the ladder to be established. If you feel that you would like to challenge a player higher than three places above you in the ladder during the first month after its introduction then please do so - you will have one ‘flying challenge’. Initial starting placements on the ladder will be ranked as best as possible. New participants wishing to join the ladder will be placed at the bottom to start with.



Please use the following rules with a degree of flexibility and good humour. Remember, it's only a game!

  • Only fully paid members of the club may participate in the ladder.

  • You can challenge players who are up to a maximum of three places higher than you on the ladder.

  • New participants wishing to join the ladder will be assigned two flying challenges anywhere in the ladder to ensure that stronger players find their appropriate level sooner.

  • Once a challenge has been set no other challenge can be taken on until the match has been cancelled, forfeited, or played and the results recorded.

  • If the challenger wins the match, the challenger moves to her opponent’s position on the ladder while the opponent drops down to the challenger’s position. If the challenger does not win, both players stay in their current positions. Where the match is a flying challenge the winner will take the place of the loser who will in turn drop three places on the ladder.

  • The date and time of any match should be mutually convenient for both players. A challengee must respond to a challenge within seven days after being challenged and a match must be set up within 14 days of the challenge or a default given to the challenger.

  • If any player fails to turn up for an arranged match the other player wins by default.

  • Matches must be played to the best of three sets. Sets reaching 6-6 will be decided via tie-break to 7 points. At one set all, a championship tie-break to 10 points is played to decide the match.

  • If a player makes a challenge and loses the match, the player must wait 14 days before re-challenging the same player.

  • Members wishing to join the ladder should do so by emailing the ladder administrator,

  • Any player defaulting twice will automatically drop to the lowest position on the ladder.

  • All match scores and defaults-should be emailed by the winner to the ladder administrator within seven days and the ladder positions on the clubhouse board amended immediately following the match.

  • The challenger is responsible for checking court availability and reserving courts (subject to club rules) in the clubhouse court booking diary.

  • The winter ladder will operate from 16 September 2019 to 15 March 2020.


Have fun!